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sexual myth

Hygiene after sexual encounters is essential to prevent infections. In addition, it allows you to fully enjoy intimate encounters. What must be considered?

Hygiene after sex is a fundamental aspect that many couples must consider in order to avoid certain infections. The latter, although more common in women, can also affect men.

However, women can often develop cervical-vaginal diseases, since poor hygiene after the intimate encounter is one of the triggering factors.

So what to do to improve it? What are the hygiene habits that should be considered after having sexual intercourse? In this opportunity sexologist in Delhi explains everything in detail about it.

General hygiene recommendations

In a large number of cases, genital infections have their origin in poor hygiene practices. Bacteria, viruses and fungi can easily attack when there is not adequate cleaning. Therefore, in general, the following is recommended by sexologist doctor in Delhi:

  • Take a bath before and after sexual intercourse.
  • Daily changes of underwear.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse if you have any genital infection.
  • Avoid having multiple sexual partners.

But, in addition to these recommendations, there are also other points that should be considered. In the following sections the best sexologist in Delhi addresses them in more detail.

Hygiene after sex: key points

One of the key points for good hygiene after sex is to urinate, as this helps eliminate bacteria that may be present during sexual contact. Similarly, Sex specialist in Delhi recommends to drink enough water, since this, in addition to hydrating the body, helps to urinate more frequently.

Urination can help eliminate bacteria found in a woman’s urinary tract, thereby reducing the risk of cystitis. Of course, it is not about drinking liquids in excessive amounts either because it can be harmful.

In the case of men, urinating can help prevent sexually transmitted urethritis, caused by the same contact.

Other recommendations for hygiene after sex

  • It is suggested to wash the hands, the face or any other part of the body that, in addition to the genitals, may have been in contact with the sexual organs.
  • Use a specific soap for the intimate area.
  • Use moisturizing gels in the intimate area.
  • If you use soap, it must be neutral to avoid irritation.
  • Avoid excessive washing with products that can be harmful to the intimate area, such as body gels that are not specific for the genital area. These alter the pH of the vaginal area and can cause dryness and other injuries.
  • Use underwear with cotton fabrics, and avoid those that are synthetic or very tight, since they produce more sweating, and this alters the vaginal microbiota.
  • Similarly, sex doctor in Delhi advises to have a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Have good sleep hygiene, as this also affects sexual health.

Hygiene after sex: what else should be considered?

Apart from the previous suggestions by sexologist in Delhi, it is important to remember that, in the case of women, it is not advisable to have sexual relations if there is no good stimulation.

Without good lubrication, injury to the genital mucosa is possible. In the case of dryness, lubricants can be used. However, it is convenient to choose mild formulas, free of irritating components.

In general, following these guidelines for hygiene after sex allows you to enjoy a full and safe sexuality. Despite this, it is always good to request a gynecological check-up, since the professional will be able to determine if there are infections or if specific guidelines are necessary to care for the intimate area.

Premature Ejaculation: Causes & Techniques To Control

Causes of premature ejaculation


The premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction that affects 30% of men and leads it ejaculates quickly and prematurely during sexual intercourse. It can be mild if the ejaculation occurs between 3 and 8 minutes after the initiation of intercourse. And it is considered to be a severe problem when it occurs before or immediately after penetration. But in any case, it is possible that the problem worsens if it is not treated properly, says sexologist in Delhi.

Actually, this sexual dysfunction is due to a loss of control over ejaculation, so that the man does not reach the orgasm when he wants, but when a reflex that leads to ejaculation occurs. It must be taken into account that in a sexual relationship three stages can be differentiated: that of arousal, which leads to an erection; the plateau, which is the one that should be prolonged with intercourse and control of ejaculation; and orgasm, which is when ejaculation occurs, explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

Currently, it is considered that 90% of cases of premature ejaculation are due to psychological or environmental factors so that only 10% has its origin in anatomical or physiological problems.

Depression, stress, insecurity, anxiety … are some of the psychological factors that predispose to premature ejaculation, it is believed that because these psychological pictures lead to a reduction in the concentration of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in the control of emotions.

Anxiety about sexual intercourse, which is very common among adolescents due to inexperience or fear of sexual intercourse, may circumstantially cause premature ejaculation. Also repression and sexual inhibition.

But there are also diseases that can cause premature ejaculation, such as prostate or urethral infections. Another cause of physiological order is the hypersensitivity of the glans and thus require proper premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi.

Techniques to control premature ejaculation

pelvic floor muscle exercise

There are different exercises that help control premature ejaculation:

  • Muscular
  • Of breathing
  • Of stimulation in the couple.
  • Masturbation

The first technique which sex specialist in Delhi prefer is to control premature ejaculation is based on the practice of the so-called Kegel exercises for the strengthening of the pelvic muscles, which are called PC muscle, located between the genitals and the anus, among whose functions is precisely the control of ejaculation.

These exercises consist of the contraction and relaxation of these muscles, in intervals of five seconds and successively. The best sex doctor in Delhi recommends to do it at least 30 times each day, without exceeding 100.

Sexologist doctor in Delhi suggests proper breathing during intercourse is also important for the control of premature ejaculation, and yet it is something that many men ignore. For this, it is important to be relaxed, which can be achieved through a breathing exercise consisting of deeply inspiring the air through the nose and exhale through the mouth rhythmically. The moans can help to acquire this type of respiratory flow. The goal is, of course, to avoid ejaculation before 7 or 15 minutes, keeping the attention on the sensations of pleasure generated by intercourse.

There is the last technique to control premature ejaculation, known as start-stop and that can be done alone or as a couple. Basically, it is a technique of masturbation (you can do it yourself or the couple) which consists of stopping when you feel that you are going to ejaculate and letting pass the moment of maximum excitement before resuming the massage of the penis. It should be practiced at least twice a week, says top sexologist in Delhi.

These techniques for the control of premature ejaculation are not exclusive. On the contrary, the combination of all of them will allow obtaining better results in less time. And if you do not get benefitted from these technique visit sexologist clinic in Delhi  for effective treatment.

Sexual Therapy: What It is and What are Its Benefits

Expert sexologist in Delhi for sexual therapy deal with patients every day who come to their consultations for different reasons: erectile dysfunction, lack of desire or excitement, difficulties to reach orgasm, premature ejaculation. These problems, many times, not only affect the person who suffers them, but also their partner.

But talking about sexual problems can be difficult, in large part because people in this situation may feel ashamed, guilty, failed and defeated both in life and in front of their partners. Luckily, sex therapy by sexologist doctor in Delhi can help overcome these problems, the suffering they cause and, in turn, improve well-being.

But … What does this form of therapy really involve? What are its benefits? In this article that we present today, we are going to expose the characteristics of this type of therapy and the reasons why it is advisable to go to sex therapy.


What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy that can help people who experience difficulties in their sexual and love life because they suffer from a sexual disorder or are not comfortable with their physical intimacy. Sexual dysfunctions, problems of gender identity, paraphilias (exhibitionism, voyeurism, etc.), conflicts regarding sexual orientation and even problems derived from sexual abuse are some of the topics addressed in psychotherapeutic sessions done at sex clinic in Delhi.

Disorders or sexual limitations can be multicausal and there are many factors that may be involved in maintaining the problem. This is why the best sexologist in Delhi who work with sexual problems deal with psychological or mixed causes (that is, with psychological and organic elements), which means that, often, the intervention to solve this type of difficulties requires a multidisciplinary work, involving psychologists, gynecologists, pelvic floor physiotherapists, among other specialists. The therapeutic process can last from two to three months to several years, although the latter is rare.

The impact of sexual problems on the couple

Sex therapy is often associated with couples therapy since this type of problems can affect the two partners when they occur in the relationship. And is that intimate moments with the couple play a very important role in the unity and stability of this and influence the emotional health of its members.

Sexual relationships cause both members to feel a unique connection, but when this fails, the foundations that sustain an effective relationship can be destabilized. Sometimes, the couple can go together to the best sex doctor in Delhi  for therapy when the problem affects both.

When to go to sex therapy

According to sex specialist doctor in Delhi, approximately 20% of men are not satisfied with their sex life and only 30% of women say they are. However, only one-third of affected people seek professional help despite the fact that the benefits of sex therapy are more than proven.

The most frequent reasons for going to sex therapy are:

  • The lack of sexual desire
  • Difficulty getting or maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction) or ejaculation. precocious in the case of men.
  • Difficulty having an orgasm
  • Pain during sex or the inability to have sex with penetration.
  • Fear or aversion to sex
  • Assaults or sexual abuse.
  • Lack of sexual abilities
  • Sexual disinterest or problems derived from the monotony of the couple.
  • Sex addiction
  • Gender dysphoria.
  • Paraphilias

It is necessary to emphasize that it is not essential to have serious problems to attend this type of therapy because sex therapy can also be useful to treat other issues. For example: to vary and enrich the erotic repertoire of the couple or to develop social skills in the field of sexuality. At the beginning of sexual therapy, each particular case is always carefully evaluated by top sexologist in Delhi to determine the most appropriate treatment.

Where to find a therapist of this type

If you identify yourself with any point in this article and you are looking for a sexual therapist, it is essential to find a sex specialist in Delhi specialized in this type of problem, because sexuality is a sensitive issue and, in many cases, it is somewhat delicate to start a therapeutic program of these characteristics.

In this sense, one of the most prestigious sexologist clinic in Delhi, which has more than 15 years offering psychotherapy services, is Dr. P K Gupta Super Specialty Clinic.

This center formed by an experienced sex doctor in Delhi highly specialized in sexual and couple therapy, which offers its services both in person and online. Its professionals apply techniques and strategies aimed at treating limitations and dysfunctions in sexual performance so that you can achieve full and satisfactory sexuality.

Sex therapy is a positive resource to treat sexual disorders that frequently generate great personal suffering, stressful situations, low self-confidence and self-esteem and, in many cases, problems of a couple. Sexologist in Delhi can help you overcome this difficult situation and can provide you with tools to restore emotional balance and mental well-being.

Erectile Dysfunction & Low Sex Desire

Problems of erection, one of the most common sexual dysfunctions that men can suffer. It is usually more common in ages between forty and seventy years, although it is not related to aging. They can appear at any age affecting younger men, says sex specialist doctor in Delhi. In general, the symptoms are the inability to reach a satisfactory erection or not reach it long enough, affecting our sexual relations. Erection problems can be caused by various physical or psychological factors. Some would be diabetes, vascular problems, neurological diseases, emotional disorders, etc.When we do not have physical risk factors and we are young men, it is more likely that erection problems are caused by psychological causes.SD3IS THERE ANY TREATMENT FOR MY ERECTION PROBLEMS?There are very few men who ask for help from sexologist in Delhi when they have erection problems. All at some point we can experience the lack of erection. It is something common and natural. The problem is when it happens many times and we feel insecurity, discomfort, guilt, and anxiety. The main thing is to know the cause to be able to solve it.If you are worried because you think you may have erection problems, you should put aside the shame and talk openly. If you are in pairs, her support is important. Together with the best sexologist in Delhi, we can rule out whether the problem is organic or mental. With your top sexologist in Delhi, you will learn certain resources and train to have a rewarding sex life.Erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi is possible, also helping to prevent future problems. You can count on our team of sexologists whenever you need it, we are here to help you.WHY IS THE LOSS OF LIBIDO CAUSED?Within our sexuality, there is no single cause that generates the loss of libido. There are several factors that may incur your loss.When determining why we have lost our libido we must rule out that it is due to physical or organic problems. That is, many times it may be due to some type of illness or as a result of the consumption of certain drugs.In addition to this, we can also find psychological factors. Many times because of the fear of not measuring up in the sexual arena, we avoid sex. As well as being dominated by the fear of being infected by a sexually transmitted disease. Or that there is a possible pregnancy. Also, certain beliefs, prejudices or taboos can make us avoid enjoying sex by seeing something dirty and impure and decreasing our libido, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

It can also happen that under the stresses of everyday life, we experience some stress and anxiety. When this happens it is not surprising that our sexual life is affected. When there are communication problems with our partner and we do not treat our sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, the libido can also be affected.

Obesity & Sex How Do They Relate?

Obesity and sex, In general, we all know that having several kilos more can be responsible for respiratory problems, heart or diabetes.

But how does obesity affect our sex? 

Obesity and sex

Currently, the issue of obesity is something worrisome, but it gets worse when it is also the cause that we cannot live with appropriate sex. That is, it has been shown that being overweight not only precedes our intimate relationships but also our sexual satisfaction, says sexologist in Delhi.

Sexologist doctor in Delhi indicates that people with obesity have 25 times more problems in sex than people within the range of a healthy weight.


Being overweight negatively affects many areas of our life, including sexuality. Also, in both men and women, it can happen that the production of testosterone, the hormone regulate our sexual appetite. Therefore, it is most likely that there is a decrease in our libido.

When we have obesity can incapacitate us when making certain positions in sex, making our sex life something routine or boring.

On the other hand, when men suffer from circulation or cardiac problem, blood flow is affected. In the same line, the appearance and maintenance of erections will be affected. In other words, they may suffer from erectile dysfunction. These circulation problems are also experienced by overweight women. Therefore, the blood flow to the clitoris may not reach, thus decreasing sexual pleasure, explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

In addition to this, being women we can generate polycystic ovaries. Or on the other side, being male, sperm much slower and of low quality. Therefore, if our idea of ​​having sex is to seek pregnancy, our chances decrease.

It is not surprising that at the psychological level we can also be affected. Not only because on a physical level we can feel frustration, but also because our self-esteem can also be affected. That is, we may not feel safe with ourselves. Even, we are dominated by the fear of being observed or rejected. Therefore we can get to experience dysmorphia.

Many couples who suffer from obesity get to completely avoid sex, says the top sexologist in Delhi.


It has been shown that people who suffer from obesity and have achieved a healthier weight, improve sex with their partner. That is if you think that overweight is not letting you enjoy your intimate relationships, asking for help you can give a solution. The main thing is to make a physical diagnosis and work together with an endocrinologist and a sex specialist doctor in Delhi who can help you. For all this, if you think you are not enjoying your sexuality we advise you three things:

  • Start doing some exercise.
  • Make a balanced diet together with a specialist, to achieve a healthy weight.
  • Ask for help from the best sex doctor in Delhi where we can work on our self-esteem in sex. In addition to other problems that may have arisen as sexual impotence or low sexual desire.

You can count on our team of sexologists in Delhi whenever you need it, we are here to help you.

Erectile Dysfunction: Inability to Reach or Maintain an Erection

Erectile Dysfunction is the second leading cause of sexual problems in our sexologist clinic in Delhi. It is the inability to reach or maintain an erection throughout the sexual relationship, preventing or hindering sexual intercourse with penetration. The person who suffers from Erectile Dysfunction does not get to enjoy their sexual relations, feels guilty for sexual difficulties with their partner and usually avoids sexual contact. After a long time living with Erectile Dysfunction, it is normal that people come to our sex clinic in Delhi with low mood.


The causes that cause erectile dysfunction are very diverse and can be both of psychological origin (due to factors such as anxiety, stress, depression, etc.) and of organic origin (in this case, it can be hormonal, vascular problems, etc.). If you occasionally have an erection (spontaneous erections, morning erections or during solo masturbation) we can say that your organic mechanism for erection is intact and your problem is of psychological origin. However, if you never have an erection, we can not say that your lack of erection is organic. We have the best sexologist in Delhi who is professionals in psychology and medicine who can treat and diagnose it in either case.


During the first consultation by sexologist in Delhi, you will be asked about your sex life to arrive at a diagnosis. In the cases of Organic Erectile Dysfunction, it is essential to elaborate a meticulous clinical history, in order to easily detect the origin of the problem and thus propose the most appropriate treatment to your case. Remember that the best treatment in the world is useless if an adequate diagnosis has not been made. Our center is very aware of this fact and dedicates a lot of effort to gather information to make an accurate diagnosis.

During your first visit we have to have three very clear objectives: Obtain an accurate diagnosis, secondly, to explain clearly the causes and the process that has led to the current situation (you must understand perfectly how your sexual dysfunction has been established, given that your knowledge about the problem will be the basis on which the treatment will be supported) and finally we will elaborate a plan for sex treatment in Delhi with the following sessions.


After elaborating a meticulous clinical history, your sexologist doctor in Delhi will explain the different treatments that are within your reach and that best adapt to your current situation and your problems.

There are different ways of erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi depending on the cause that causes it. Our center has highly qualified & top sexologist in Delhi and cutting-edge technology to be able to put at your disposal the most advanced and most appropriate treatments for your particular case.

If you wish to receive more information or arrange a visit to our center, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Premature Ejaculation - Regain Control

The Ejaculation is the most consulted sexual dysfunction at sexologist clinic in Delhi. It is characterized by a lack of voluntary control over ejaculation that very negatively affects the couple’s sexual life. The person who suffers Premature Ejaculation does not get to enjoy their sexual relations, feels guilty for sexual difficulties with their partner and usually avoids sexual contact. After a long time living with premature ejaculation, it is normal for people to come to meet sexologist in Delhi with low mood.


41% of the men who come to sex clinic in Delhi are treated by Premature Ejaculation. You are not the only one. It is a very common problem for which we have very effective treatments.


There are different types of premature ejaculation. During the first consultation, the best sexologist in Delhi will ask about your sex life to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Remember that the best sex treatment in Delhi is useless if an adequate diagnosis has not been made. Our center is very aware of this fact and dedicates a lot of effort to gather information to make an accurate diagnosis.

During your first visit to sexologist doctor in Delhi, he has to have three very clear objectives. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is the first objective of your first consultation. Secondly, sex doctor in Delhi must be able to explain to you clearly the causes and the process that has led to the current situation. You must understand perfectly how your sexual dysfunction has been established, given that your knowledge about the problem will be the basis on which the treatment will be supported.

Finally, top sexologist in Delhi will elaborate a treatment plan for the following sessions.

Remember, our objectives during the first consultation will be:

1. An accurate diagnosis.
2. That you understand your sexual dysfunction.
3. Develop a treatment plan.


Since our inception, we have treated more than 7,000 patients of Premature Ejaculation with high therapeutic success. Our premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi is based on behavioral sexology that has proven scientific evidence.

During the treatment, sex specialist doctor in Delhi will mark a series of exercises and tasks to perform at home alone or as a couple. It is not necessary to have a partner to treat Premature Ejaculation. Sometimes medication is used in a timely manner to help overcome certain barriers in the treatment but never as a single solution. Our goal is to achieve a natural and healthy sexual response without the use of drugs.

The 8 most frequent sexual problems and how to treat them

Both men and women can experience a wide variety of sexual dysfunctions. Some of these disorders involve pain, difficulty reaching orgasm or difficulty maintaining sexual arousal.sexual impotenceSuffering sexual problems is a complex experience because often this situation not only affects the person who suffers but also their partner. Although sexologist in Delhi  who are experts in sex treatment in Delhi deal with patients who come to their clinics for this type of disorder on a daily basis, many individuals find it difficult to take the step and seek professional help, mainly because of the shame they feel.Main sexual problemsWhat are the main sexual problems that both men and women suffer? What disorders affect the sexual well-being of a person or a couple? In the following lines, you can find a list of the most common sexual problems and how to treat them.

  1. Disorder of sexual desire

Lack of interest in sex, or lack of sexual desire, is a frequent problem in both sexes; however, it is more common among women. In fact, it is considered the most common sexual dysfunction in women, reaching an incidence of 33% between 18 and 59 years and up to 45% in menopause. This apathy not only includes disinterest in sex but also in all sexual behavior, such as masturbation, says the best sexologist in Delhi.The causes can be both physical and psychological. Regarding the latter, the following stand out a couple problems, other sexual dysfunctions (vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, etc.), mood disorders, anxiety and stress, fatigue or monotony.

  1. Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability that man has to achieve and/or maintain the erection of the penis and, therefore, to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. It is one of the most feared sexual problems among men, and can have a severe impact on the life of the affected person, especially in their self-esteem and in their interpersonal relationships, explains top sexologist in Delhi.It happens for different reasons, although execution anxiety is one of the psychological origins that can cause this sexual limitation and that turns this problem into a vicious circle from which it is difficult to leave.

  1. Disorder in sexual arousal in women

Arousal disorder in women refers to the inability to experience physiological changes during sexual arousals, such as vaginal lubrication, acceleration of heartbeat and muscle tension; a situation that lasts throughout sexual activity. As with erectile dysfunction, arousal disorder in women has a high incidence.The psychological factors that are most important in the appearance of this sexual problem are the anticipated fear of having a new sexual failure and the anxiety that this fear provokes, says the best sex doctor in Delhi.

  1. Vaginism

Vaginismus is a female sexual dysfunction that is characterized by the inability to achieve vaginal penetration due to the contraction of the muscles surrounding the entrance of the vagina. It occurs due to a reflex spasm that causes the muscles of this area to contract, thus causing the closure of the vaginal opening.The cause is usually found in the fact that some women relate penetration with the feeling of danger. The anxiety that results from this situation causes a tension response that makes the relaxation of the vaginal muscles impossible, explains sex specialist in Delhi.

  1. Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a disorder of the male orgasm in which the male expels the semen prematurely, without his desire, recurrently in response to sexual stimulation either before, during or after penetration. It can originate from different causes, with psychological factors being predominant, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.The psychological causes include low self-esteem, anxiety of execution, depression, anguish, and nervousness.

  1. Anorgasmia

Anorgasmia is another type of orgasm disorder that affects both men and women; however, it is more frequent in the case of the latter (female anorgasmia). It is defined as an absence or delay of orgasm during normal sexual activity, and as in the previous case, psychological factors tend to predominate over organic.

  1. Pain disorder

Dyspareunia is persistent and recurrent pain in the pelvic area during or shortly after penetration, erection or ejaculation, and can be experienced by both men and women, although it is more frequent in women (female dyspareunia). Scientific studies conclude that approximately 12% of women suffer from it. Female dyspareunia usually appears associated with problems of vaginismus, says sex doctor in Delhi.

  1. Disorder due to sex aversion

People who suffer from this disorder, also called sexual rejection, actively and passively avoid genital contact. The cause is usually in extreme anxiety and panic before the sexual act. It usually occurs more frequently in women.How to treat sexual problemsTalking about sexual problems can be difficult, in large part because people in this situation may feel ashamed, guilty, and unsuccessful or defeated both in life and in front of their partners. This circumstance does nothing but feeds the disorder, because the individual enters a vicious circle from which it costs to leave.Therefore, the best option is to seek help from a sex specialist doctor in Delhi, either in person or remotely. In most cases, sexual disorders have a psychological or physical origin, and therefore sexual therapy is an effective way to treat these problems and in this way overcome suffering and improve well-being.

Potency disorder - What to do?

As recently as 20 years ago, there was hardly any talk of potency disorders – today called erectile dysfunction. In fact, there were significantly fewer people affected than at the time. Another phenomenon of our time is the conspicuous decline in the sperm count of adult men. It is now about 50% lower than 50 years ago. As a result, the birth rate has declined correspondingly, says sexologist in Delhi.SD4Power disturbances due to dramatic environmental changesIt is obvious that the severe changes in the environment over the last 50 years have had an impact on the fertility of men.Exogenous estrogens, which enter the groundwater, for example, and are also taken up by the male organism via the drinking water, contribute to the feminization of men – as well as of many male mammal species, says the best sexologist in Delhi.Incorrect diet supports potency disordersAnother reason for the increasingly common potency disorders in men is the enormous loss of quality of today’s food.Apart from the depleted soils, which lead to a high mineral loss of the food, the regular consumption of highly processed foods in the form of ready meals, fast foods, etc. is contrary to a strong potency – and thus the fertility.Trans fatty acids, which are processed in margarine, shortening and all products made from it, such as chocolate, biscuits, cakes, etc., also impede the production of testosterone, says sex specialist doctor in Delhi.Tocopherol – Vitamin E the fertility vitaminOne nutrient that is steadily decreasing in modern nutrition is vitamin E.This vitamin plays an important role in the process of procreation – as the translation from Greek shows, as the scientific name for vitamin E is “tocopherol” and in Greek means “to procreate a child or to expect offspring”, explains top sexologist in Delhi.Therefore, this vitamin is also called fertility vitamin.Numerous experiments on animals have shown that vitamin E, which was used in the form of wheat germ oil, is absolutely necessary to ensure the fertility of the animals.Further studies clearly showed that extracted or chemically produced vitamin E was not nearly as effective as a vitamin E – containing food, eg vitamin E contained in wheat germ oil.Vitamin E is normally found in sufficient quantities in wholegrain cereals, cold-pressed vegetable oils, egg yolk, butterfat, and dark green vegetables. However, this vitamin is largely destroyed by modern processing.Take natural zincThe trace element zinc is also involved in potency disorders. Zinc fulfills many different functions in the body. So it plays key roles in sugar, fat and protein metabolism and is involved in the structure of the genetic material and cell growth.Omega-3 fatty acidsAmong the holistic foods that contain the important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, as well as the trace elements iron and zinc in the natural composite include the omega-3 fatty acids. These are found primarily in high-fat fish.A much better source, however, is the linseed oil. Its omega 3 content is around 50%. Much better because a bio-linseed oil ensures the highest possible quality, which is not the case with fish.Processed foods should be avoidedWhen potency disorders and prostate problems, all high-processed foods should be avoided.They contain partially rancid oils and high levels of phytic acid, which blocks zinc uptake in the body. Even soy products can be problematic because of their plant estrogens, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.These processed foods initially trigger unnoticed inflammations in the body. These inflammations are largely responsible for potency disorders.Caffeine pollutes the adrenal glandsCaffeine, for example, found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate, should also be avoided as much as possible, as it can put pressure on the adrenal glands and ultimately have negative effects on male potency, says sex doctor in Delhi.TreatmentsIt makes no sense to speak of an erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi, if it does not take into account the overall health situation of the patient.One can not look at the sexual function one by one and treat it as if there were no relation to the human being as a whole.In addition, potency is closely related to the man’s emotional health as well as to his overall physical strength.If a boy or a man is under excessive emotional pressure, whether through trauma in childhood, repressed feelings or the daily burdens of life, it may happen that his emotional balance or his sexual abilities suffer.Impotence is not primarily the problem of a testosterone deficiency. Rather, there is an imbalance within the entire hormonal system, ie between the pituitary, adrenals, testes and the thyroid.All of these glands are controlled by the same feedback loop between the brain and the body. They work as a group and have a lot to do with our overall health. Impotence is not treated with Viagra.The treatment of impotence must involve the restoration of overall health. This can best be done by breaking down emotional blocks.The often persistent obstacles pose as well